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Cold Drinks - no matter where you go

Keep Your Cold Ones Frosty

There are several things we all can agree on: the wind will switch directions to make sure you always have a headwind, and canned drinks should be cold. Taking a swig of room-temperature beer or soda is the fastest way to bring down the mood. Sure, it’s easy to avoid warm drinks if you can grab a cold one directly from a fridge or cooler, but your fridge stays home and venues won’t let you roll in with a cooler. Does that mean a lukewarm beverage is the price you must pay for saving money at concession stands and enjoying your favorite flavors? Not anymore!


The Slap Pop Chiller is the beverage cooling technology you’ve always needed. It’s reusable, small, and light. It integrates directly into the packaging of your favorite drinks. Simply slap it into the side of your box of beer or pop, and it will actually reinforce the box while chilling your beverages for an icy first gulp. There’s no need for messy ice or fussy additives. Just slap the chillers in and take a cold one to the game!



No-Fuss Drink Cooling Technology

Our patented design consists of frozen inserts that get pushed (“slapped”) into any carton of canned beverages. They nest among the cans and bring the temperature way down. Even better, they keep the temperature down for hours. Once you’re done with them, you simply remove them from the carton and put them back in your freezer for next time!

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