5 Hacks to Keep Your Drink Cold


We’ve all been there — a cooler full of melted ice, bottles and cans bobbing in the water, and your once super cold drinks are now room temperature at best. There are many tricks that people try to keep their drinks colder longer, and today, we’ll look at a few of those. When you are serious about wanting your drink to stay colder longer, however, you need to make sure that you have a Slap Pop Chiller on hand. Slap Pop Chillers are the ideal tool for keeping your cold cans of soda, beer, or other beverage icy cold. Continue reading to learn five hacks for keeping drinks cold and then browse our store for the best portable cooler ever.

1. Freeze Water Balloons

It’s no secret that larger pieces of ice take longer to melt. When you have a large tub of drinks that you need to keep chilled for your guests use frozen water balloons! Fill them with water as your normally would, tie them off, and place them in your freezer overnight. The next day, simply remove the frozen water balloons from the freezer and place them in the tub with your cans and bottles. Once the balloons have completely thawed, you’ll have the ammo you need for an awesome water balloon fight! Our tip — make sure they’re fully thawed before aiming at your friends.

2. Frozen Grapes and Cups of Ice

If you enjoy drinking wine or beer, then you probably know that putting ice into either of these beverages is not a good idea as they will be diluted once the ice melts. Make sure to have some frozen grapes on hand that you can drop into your wine glass. The frozen grapes will help chill your wine and won’t dilute it as they thaw. If you prefer beer, pour it into a pitcher and then fill a clean plastic cup with ice. Place the cup in the pitcher where it will float and keep your beer nice and frosty.

3.  Tupperware and a Pool Noodle

If you’re hosting a pool party, then you will definitely want to try this hack! Buy a large tupperware tub and a couple of pool noodles. Cut the pool noodles to fit the width and length of the tub and then attach them to the outside using rope or zip ties. Once you’ve completed this, fill your tub with ice and the beverages of your choice and relax in the pool with your drinks floating nearby.

4. Wine and Beer Cubes

Our fourth tip also focuses on the two beverages you don’t want to dilute — wine and beer. Pour some wine or beer into ice cube trays and freeze them. Once they’re frozen, place them into your glass of wine or beer and enjoy a chilled beverage that won’t be diluted. In fact, it will almost refill itself!

5. Salt Your Ice

Ice is great for chilling your drinks, but it is even better when you can speed up the process. Throw some salt on top of the ice in your cooler, and you will actually help make your drinks get colder more quickly. The salt doesn’t actually make the water from your melting ice colder, it simply lowers the freezing point of the water, which means that the water can get much colder before freezing. You benefit from science with ice-cold drinks!

Slap Pop Chiller is the longest lasting cooler for your canned beverages. It is lightweight, portable, and will keep your cold drinks colder for much longer. If you are tired of dealing with lukewarm drinks, then shop our store today and get your set of Slap Pop Chillers.