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More Modern Camping Hacks

If you enjoy camping, we hope that you were able to glean some tips from our previous post on camping hacks. At Slap Pop Chiller, we believe that enjoying a cold beverage is one of life’s privileges — especially when you’re camping — and that is why we created the best portable cooler for your…

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5 Hacks to Keep Your Drink Cold

We’ve all been there — a cooler full of melted ice, bottles and cans bobbing in the water, and your once super cold drinks are now room temperature at best. There are many tricks that people try to keep their drinks colder longer, and today, we’ll look at a few of those. When you are…

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Modern Camping Hacks

Camping used to be relatively simple and primitive — pack a tent, sleeping back, and cooler full of food for the weekend. With advances in the design of sleeping bags, tents, and more, camping is almost as comfortable as staying at home. In fact, so many people enjoy camping that there are numerous lists across…

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