The Product

Slap Pop Chiller keeps canned beverages cold for over 4 hours!

It converts the beverage carton into a convenient refrigerated carrying case


Huge Volumes / Very Low Production Costs / Socially relevant product with mass appeal / Services Beer, Pop, Energy Drinks, Juice.

Millions of cases of canned beverages are sold each month. Most users prefer their beverages cold. There is nothing in the Market that meets those needs. Slap Pop Chiller will keep canned beverages cold for several HOURS!

Product Summary

(Excerpt from Patent 2921940)

Keeping your beverages cold without the heft and hindrance of cooler chests, Slap Pop Chiller is about to change your travel and outdoor adventures. From backyard parties to mountain hikes, from beach days to game nights, you’ll never have to suffer through a lukewarm beverage again. Lightweight, portable and easy to use, Slap Pop Chiller is the quick, simple and affordable answer to your beverage-chilling needs.

We are environmentally friendly as our product is reusable, the packaging is a convenient reusable draw string bag and our coolant uses food grade glycol.

Slap Pop Product - Hockey Bag

With millions of cases of beer, pop and other canned beverages sold every month; the market is ripe for opportunity. Because few people enjoy any canned beverage lukewarm, sufficient cooling while on the go is hoped for by anyone with a thirst for a cold beverage. However, it’s not always easy keeping drinks icy cold. In fact, it can be downright difficult on the go. Slap Pop is the solution to this decades-old problem.


Millions of beverages sold mean millions of Slap Pop Chillers to follow. Engineered to be environmentally friendly, each Slap Pop Chillers sufficiently chills the individual cans within the casing while maintaining the strength and integrity of the carton itself. The design allows the user to carry the beverage case as intended without the need of a heavy cooler.

When frozen, the compact, pillar-shaped apparatus is easily slapped in between cans, chilling each for hours. Slap Pop Chillers tuck in the space between four cans, keeping each beverage cold for hours, even as cans are removed.


The design allows for promotional messages and marketing opportunities as well, allowing sponsors to place an easily recognizable and readable logo. Advertising and marketing opportunities increase the profitability of Slap Pop Chiller investment.

With huge volumes and low production costs, Slap Pop Chiller is the answer to the desire for chilled beverages on the go. With a potential to appeal to the masses, regardless of their country of origin, Slap Pop is the patented answer to an age-old question.

Man carrying soda case with slap pop chiller

The Market

There are few markets that are as financially robust as the canned personal beverage industry. With billions sold every month around the globe, the future of Slap Pop is limitless.

The statistics surrounding the sale of canned beverages are astounding. Industry estimates by US Nielsen indicate:

  • 1.5 billion cases (24 units) of canned beer sold every year.
  • 1.8 billion cases (24 units) of canned pop sold every year.
  • The packaging of canned beverages in Canada makes up approximately 56% of all beverage packaging.
  • 370 billion cans are produced every year on a global scale. That's seven times the amount of bottled water units sold annually.

Because the design and manufacturing of each Slap Pop Chiller unit is simplified, we are able to adjust the exact sizing for the country we are marketing within. Because sizes of cans vary between major brands in the US, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, and Australia, we’ve created a design that can accommodate global needs.

Projected Start Up dates



Developing national brand awareness will be initially done through a customized website designed and marketed by Marketing 360®. We’ll market the site through CRM and Email and Social Marketing while developing a strong search engine optimization campaign.

In addition to building a robust online presence, our marketing plan includes the use of store brand ambassadors who will introduce the core Slap Pop Chiller product into locally based liquor stores and convenience stores. We will concentrate on small to medium businesses (avoiding mass merchants) to promote the core product, keeping profit margins intact and steady. Initial product launch will be the reusable product with the introduction of a disposable Snap Pop Chiller to be initiated when appropriate.

Slap Pop Chillers will also extend brand awareness while building customer loyalty through a unique promotion that was created to provide opportunities for adult and youth activity groups and individual participants of all types, the program gives back $1.00 for every unit sold to the program participant. Candidates for sponsorship will submit a video to Slap Pop that demonstrates the Chillers while promoting its features and benefits through use during their activity of choice. Every activity or sports team — from adult hockey players and musicians to beer pong enthusiasts and dancers — is invited to participate in the sponsorship program to both raise funds for their group and to market the Slap Pop brand.

The Contestants are selected via online vote. This promotion will drive significant traffic as each contestant will enlist the support of every one they and their fellow participants know. The temptation to buy will come from the merit of the product as demonstrated through the professionalism of the site and in addition the purchase / win mentality that Readers Digest survived on for many years.


Who Can Enter?

This contest is open to any group or individual. We have categories for adults, groups, and kids (because kids need icy cold drinks just as much as adults do)!

Can I Create Whatever Video I Want?

When you make your commercial, we’ll have clips for you to use at the beginning as well as the end, but everything in the middle is up to you. We’re excited to see your creativity and share your work!

How Do I Win?

Winners will be chosen by the number of likes each video gets on YouTube. If you win, you will receive $7,500 delivered within 90 days of your win being determined!

What Happens After I Submit My Video?

Each video has a one-week review period. If it is approved, we’ll post it on our YouTube channel.

For safety and viewing purposes and to allow flexibility in creativity, there will be 3 classifications; Kids, General, Adult Only (Age verified). All three classification compete as one group.


Pricing and Margins

We will retail at $19.97 CAD for a 6 pack and $22.97 CAD for an 8 pack
The price point is competitive and is lower than our closest market competitor. [iv]

Slap Pop Chiller - leaning against box

Who We Are

Owner / Inventor / Entrepreneur - David Robert Porter

With an extensive background in the retail industry, as well as advertising and marketing, David has the experience and knowledge needed to launch a unique consumer product xand do so successfully. Having managed several “big box” retail stores, including Zeller’s, Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart, David’s exposure to vendor partnerships, marketing strategies and item launches has helped us avoid the pitfalls and reduce the challenges traditionally experienced during the start-up phase of any business. Skilled in negotiation and partnership management, David shares his expertise as both a retail consultant and mentor to up-and-coming professionals.


The Slap Pop Chiller Concept

Lounging in a hot tub one night, David found himself reaching for a beer. However, after sitting poolside, the beer could hardly be described as refreshing. Instantly, upon forcing the warm drink down his throat, he was inspired to find a quick, affordable and sensible solution to chilling beer wherever needed. Intrigued by the gaps between the cans within a 12-pack carton of beer, David devised a design that utilizes the wasted space and transforms it into a portable, individualized cooler, where each can is swaddled in icy goodness.

After five years of research and product testing, as well as more trial and error than we would like to admit, we were able to apply for a patent for the first Slap Pop Chiller. We were awarded Canadian patent #2,921,940 in April of 2018.

  • David Porter has experience in Mass Merchants and Vendor Negotiations with them.
  • Sponsorship amounts are estimated @ $7500.
  • Sponsorships are triggered at $10000. which will fund distribution and co-marketing
  • Financial Projection Summary is available on approved request.
  • See Attached – Canadian Patent 2,921,940



Simply put, Slap Pop Chillers lets you take your beer and soda anywhere you need chilled refreshment. From the fishing hole to the hockey rink, from poolside to hilltop, you can enjoy the beverage of your choice at the temperature that ensures optimal taste. Stop lugging cumbersome ice chests everywhere. Stop dealing with the heft and mess that ice creates. The arm-saving, environmentally friendly answer is a quick slap.

Through cross-promotional opportunities, brand messaging, online and targeted industry specific brick-and-mortar location sales and sponsorship programs, we are convinced that Slap Pop will be successful.

Slap pop chiller product image

This is a significant opportunity! Not just the revenues and margins, there is also the very exciting promotional opportunity as the Beer, Pop and Energy Drink giants vie to have their logo Slap Popped into the competitions carton. The Slap Pop cap is PRIME advertising.